frank lloyd wrightMonona Terrace™
Frank Lloyd Wright's®
Landmark Project

Originally published in the July 1997
issue of Madison Magazine.

Written by Doug Moe and
Molly Rose Teuke.
Photos by Joe DeMaio,
Zane Williams, Pedro E.
Guerrero, and the City of

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The vision is realized
The rocky road to Monona Terrace had many twists and turns.

The man at the heart of it square.gif
A portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright, the man behind the vision.

"There are a lot of heroes." square.gif
Meet some of the people who helped make Monona Terrace a reality.

"A working piece of art." square.gif
Use Monona Terrace for your next convention -- or wedding, high-school reunion, bicycling rest stop, or place of quiet contemplation.

"If you build it, they will come." square.gif
How Monona Terrace will help make Dane County a richer place.

Behind the scenes square.gif
Meticulous planning and the latest technology make the center a joy to use.

Construction zone square.gif
How builders met the Terrace challenge.